Ceylinco Life Endowment

Endowment is a unique plan that allows the policyholder to personalise the insurance plan to fit his/her income. It offers affordable premiums to be paid while still receiving bigger, better benefits.

Ceylinco Life Supreme

This is a life insurance policy and an investment policy combined into one rewarding policy. As an investment it gives the policyholder a financial return every 4 years through sum payments and above average maturity value; as an insurance policy it provides a comprehensive life cover and optional rider covers such as critical illness, major surgery and hospitalisation.

Ceylinco Life Saubhagya

Saubhagya is an insurance policy specially designed for women where the policyholder receives a comprehensive life insurance cover, lump sum payments with an attractive saving.

Ceylinco Life Advance Payment

This policy pays advance payments regularly and pays the balance amount at maturity with bonuses. The life cover is not reduced although the advance payments are paid periodically.