Degree Saver

Ceylinco Life Degree Saver is an education fund and a comprehensive life insurance plan to ensure your child’s higher studies.

With the Education fund, the policyholder can save periodically, and the fund would accumulate on a monthly declared accumulation rate which is usually higher than most bank savings rates. The life insurance cover is obtainable at an affordable premium where he/she can decide the life cover which suits them best. The attractive premium ensures that the policyholder can go for a higher life cover and thus further ensuring a promising tomorrow for the family if any uncertainty strikes and at the same time providing a substantial fund for their child’s higher education through the education fund.

Ceylinco Life Sipsetha

Sipsetha is a unique plan that provides support when a child needs it most, during the decisive GCE Ordinary Level, GCE Advanced Level and higher study years. More importantly Sipsetha will triple the annuities and waive further payments of premiums, if the child is left without parental support.

Ceylinco Life Ran Daru

Ran Daru provides life cover of 10 times the basic sum assured and 20 times the basic sum assured in case of accidental death. Providing education and medical benefits to a child, this product is the only one in the market that gives such high-risk cover.